Generations of Men
'Where shall we meet again?'
'Nowhere but here
Once more before we meet elsewhere.'
                            ....Robert Frost
Welcome to our web-site!  You have reached the families of Byron and Kathryn Palmer.  Contained within these pages are the generations of men and women who have helped make the American dream come true.  From foreign shores to Fulton County Illinois we have traced our lineage and hope the following family trees lead to unfound relatives and friends.
Kathryn & Byron Palmer
John Brown
Belville Wm. Brown
Andrews Barrett
Alden Babbitt
Feagans Halcomb Haythornwaite
Hilton Irons
Laws Leinbach Palmer
Ancestrial Cemeteries
Smith Weaver
Schnarr Sweney
Virgil Cemetery List
*For Love of Country*
*In Memory Of*
Guernsey Cemetery List
"My wife and myself will soon sleep beside those sturdy old pioneers who have already passed away.  We will soon 'cross the divide' and join the old friends of long ago who were so near and dear to us, in the great beyond.  And to our children and children's children and to strangers will be left the fruits of our labors -- fields in a high state of cultivation, comfortable and even elegant homes, school houses, churches, and all that go to make life desirable.  And we old soldiers, when our last moments come, will no doubt feel satisfied that we helped keep the stars and stripes floating in the air, and that we are leaving to our posterity a free and re-united country-the greatest power in the world today."
                                                   ....Jesse Irons 1903
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